FullSizeRenderHi! I’m Tiana Gustafson. Owner, Creator and PUT EVERYTHING FROM MY HEART INTO THIS Designer of the Freedom Planner, LLC.

The Idea:

Before creating the Freedom Planner, I struggled for years as a work from home entrepreneur in the music and media businesses. I would go from day to day with to-do lists but feeling like I just wasn’t getting anything done.

I also struggled with keeping my contacts organized. “Who did I talk to on Tuesday? I know they were interested…what was their name?” Yeah- that was a constant problem!

So- enough was enough. I decided to do some research. My DAILY HABITS NEEDED TO CHANGE .

When I started to look at my days, and read tons of Millionaire books, I realized there was a common thread to successful people’s daily habits.

It seemed that they all said the same thing over and over, and all I kept thinking was “Can somebody please just give me a look at YOUR DAY? What are you doing? When do you get up? When do you study, meditate, make breakfast, take your kids to school and STILL make booku BUCKS?!?!?!”

Putting It Together:

So, since I’m a natural speed reader, typer and designer (yes it comes in handy), I decided to start connecting the dots. What happened next was the birth of the Freedom Planner- at least a 1st version.

At first, I had no idea that anyone else would want one, so I would go to Staples and print them for myself, my mom and a couple friends 1 at a time. Since I’m an avid Facebook and Instagram poster, (poser, whatever), I would post pics of my planner by my computer- and every single time people would start stalking my post and asking where I got my planner from.

So- I decided to upload a digital copy in Fall 2014. It sold a good amount of digital copies all on it’s own as I kept tweaking the daily pages.

Going To Print…I Think… 🙂

Then in January 2015 I decided to pursue the long, arduous ( I had NO idea how long and arduous but that’s life) process of getting my planners PRINTED!!!!

Fast Forward 10 months- of trial, error, trial error, error error, mistakes and more trial..and some wins….I FINALLY RECEIVED 1,000 copies of the FREEDOM PLANNER On October 27th, 2015! WOW (You can go through our Updates to catch part of the process).

12219389_518365594997277_8628490474588371979_nWE SO SOLD OUT..LIKE SO SOLD OUT

At that time I had pre-sold about 137 copies from word of mouth and social media posting. From Oct 27-Nov 30th- we continued to sell, and sell, and ship and ship, and sell and sell and sell..and we SOLD OUT OUR FIRST 1000 COPIES OUR FIRST MONTH! Me, my husband, mom, dad, and 6 year old son stuffed and mailed all of them ourselves. We were going to the post office several times a week with hundreds of planners in tow! (For the next shipment we def will have the automated approach of the USPS picking them up for us!) 🙂

We also realized we also had  HUGE International following. About 1/3 of all orders were outside the United States with the Bulk from Canada and Australia but also some other countries like New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Singapore, U.K., and Ireland. WOW! So amazing. I still don’t even know how these people found out about us! But I don’t care it’s AWESOME!!!!! 


Now and The Future