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Facebook is still all the rage for most business owners. People are using Facebook Groups for prospecting and training, Facebook Business Pages to reach new customers, and Facebook personal profiles to connect authentically with friends and family.

The power of Facebook is truly amazing, however it’s important to have a specific technique when logged in, otherwise it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of scrolling, funny videos, ridiculous news and before you know it it’s been 2 hours and you’ve not really accomplished anything.

There are a few things I find helpful when using Facebook for marketing and I will share my best practices with you below.


Go In with a Plan and Get Out With Your Life

If you’re using Facebook to market your business you better have a plan. There is no time to waste on Facebook, or any social media site for that matter.  Here are some common practices I follow to keep me focused on the marketing and not get sucked in to the mindless scrolling (That doesn’t serve you or your business):

  • The Result of Daily Posting with a Schedule and FB Ad Strategies in Place.

    The Result of Daily Posting with a Schedule and FB Ad Strategies in Place.

    Schedule out your posts using another site like Hootsuite so that you’re not even tempted to engage. As I teach, you must be posting at least 3 times a day to your profile and your business page every single day to be a part of the Facebook algorithm.  I like to schedule my posts the night before or early morning using my Hootsuite app on my phone or computer. (If you want training on Hootsuite, content creation and templates- you can GET MY TRAINING HERE.)

  • Write your TO DO list beside you on paper or your FREEDOM PLANNER. I find it extremely helpful to have hand written lists to get my brain off the computer and actually use the pen and paper. This also keeps me focused so if all of a sudden I’m scrolling I’m like WHOA-STOP!  LOOK AT THE PAPER! FOCUS!
  • Use the desktop and mobile app POMODORA to track your time and stay focused. Ok people. Multi-tasking is FAR over rated and is actually not helping  us at ALL with our online marketing. I track my time with Pomodora and so when it comes time for social media posting- I literally put the time tracker on and don’t allow myself to do anything but get those posts IN. You can also set the timer if you want to ENGAGE in groups, like and comment on others posts. REMINDER: Have a plan in place with engagement also. If you’re prospecting certain people, encouraging others, bringing value in groups. You should have a plan for all of it.
  • Close out ALL other windows except what you’re working on. If it’s Facebook- close all other emails. If you’re scheduling things out- I usually have Hootsuite Open to schedule, Facebook open to check on what’s going on and Pinterest open for finding content to share.
  • Know who you’re niche is and what you’re posting about. If it’s all random, no one will really know what you’re doing. This is why I teach having a focused Facebook marketing plan and schedule every day. You should know WHO you’re trying to attract into your business. You should know the products or sales you’re wanting to promote each week. Consider yourself a BUSINESS owner and follow what other businesses are doing in your niche while making it creative and unique.


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Ready To Jump In And Learn More?

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