Freedom Action Boards- Magnetic Whiteboards with SOUL

FreedomPlannerHeaderI am SO excited to get to share with you an INCREDIBLE NEW LIFE and BUSINESS CHANGING PRODUCT.

HOWEVER, First and Foremost…as I was putting together this new header up above I was filled with SO much gratitude looking at all these pictures that I had to start with a HUGE THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us sell out our first 1000 in 4 weeks! Thank you for changing my life. THANK YOU for believing in me and this product and system. I BELIEVE IN YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

With all that said…now to announce a truly LIFE and BUSINESS Changing Product to add to the Freedom Planner Line of Products!!!

If you can’t wait for the full story …


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 6.51.04 PMHave you ever bought a big ol’ whiteboard with amazing intentions. You were going to write down your to-Do lists, and all the people you were going to call and all your goals. And if like me- maybe you did write it down- but looking at it you wondered why your handwriting and lines didn’t look so pretty..

Or…maybe you never use it or never even put it up… And that’s ok- because guess what- we’re all human! 

But if, LIKE ME, you want 2016 to be THE YEAR. The year you get those DAILY HABITS in place! The year you MAKE THE CHANGES to FIGHT for the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE you truly DESERVE!

This is going to make all those goals and dreams THAT MUCH EASIER to stay ON TRACK!

It is my honor to introduce you to the NEW Freedom ACTION Board! 

A MAGNETIC, Erasable Whiteboard Action Board SYSTEM to keep you on track towards your goals and dreams! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHnd it’s GORGEOUS!!!!!

Enough with boring WHITE boards. You still get some WHITE space to customize and make this board your own- but the board has a complete system to guide you towards your goals and can stand on it’s own apart from the Freedom Planner or is the PERFECT system to put above your desk (and you can’t fold it up and forget about it- ACCOUNTABILITY TIME!!!).

THE QUALITY IS ASTOUNDING!!! We actually partnered with an amazing company in Pittsburgh, PA (USA BABY) specializing in high quality light Steel  that comes ready with holes and gear to hang anywhere! A thin, customized 4 feet by 2 feet thin MAGNETIC steel and with our amazing Whiteboard graphics on top for a Long Lasting, customized Action Board that looks gorgeous and is HIGHLY functional for you and your business!

We are now taking orders and will be shipping out THIS week!!!!


BONUS BONUS BONUS: For all Orders placed between January 15-January 20th You will receive FREE Access to My entire GOALS WITH SOUL Series (a $97 value) as a THANK YOU for being the FIRST to order! 


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