Freedom Planner is Crossing the Ocean Blue

The Freedom Planner is Crossing the Ocean! It’s OFFICIAL, the Freedom Planner is finally on it’s way!

Check out this fun map project I did to show this huge global effort! As with most huge things in life- it took quite a bit longer due to some legal and printing issues to get this done- BUT… we are SET to ship out from California mid-october!


Every pre-order will be getting a special prize in their order as well as a HUGE thank you for your incredible patience! Also check your email for some amazing coupons and special offers!

We’ve also had a change in ownership. The Freedom Planner started as a partnership, however that’s been absolved and Tiana Gustafson (ME) is the official 100% owner of the Freedom Planner! The Gustafson family is super excited about this- and some really FUN pictures and new products are coming soon.



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