International Shipping

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  Here is the page to pay for your International Shipping.

Shipping for Freedom Planners Outside U.S.

Shipping to Canada, Australia and New Zealand is as follows:
$10 for 1 planner
$20 for 2 or more.
Charges start at $10. SO if you know you ordered 2- please put the quantity at 2- etc.
Thank you

Note to International Buyers and Big THANK YOU!

In the future this will be at the same time as checkout. Thank you SO much for this and you will be receiving coupons in your order and they’re all set to go out! I even hand filled all your names for Customs and am charging less than what I am paying! THANK YOU!
To everyone who’s placed an order for the FREEDOM PLANNER I’m so incredibly grateful for your support. The response has been unbelievable and far outweighed what I could have ever dreamed of!

In particular I’ve had far more orders placed from overseas customers which I had not anticipated especially from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. It’s a great position to be in, however due to the sheer volume of orders I’ve had to make the difficult decision to now charge shipping for any non U.S orders.

I’ll personally be emailing each customer that’s affected to let them know in the next 24 hours. If you ordered a planner and live outside the United States this DOES apply to you immediately.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support and for making the Planner such a success!