This is it. The planner I've been looking for. I won't bore you with a list of the other planners - I tried over the years but the Freedom Planner is the one. I'm only a month into my first planner and I just ordered #2. Can you believe it? There was a small glitch with my order, I e-mailed Freedom Planner, received an instant reply and a solution to the problem. Daily use of the planner keeps my personal life and my business life organized. I l love it and recommend it to my team
Karen B.
I love my Freedom Planner, It has really help me put more focus on my daily habits. I'm looking forward to ordering my next Freedom Planner. I know Tiana is doing her very best to keep up with an overwhelming demand and has always respond to my e-mail and PM with questions in a timely manner.
Lisa S.
This is THE BEST planner I have ever used (or even seen), for creating what we desire in business as well as personal life! Thanks for all the amazing tools, and clearly very HARD WORK which went into creating this beautiful gift to the world!
Renee F.
Awesome planner AND action board! I have a yearly calendar that I use for general planning and the Freedom Planner is updated daily with the next day's activities. Plus it allows - almost forces - me to keep accountability for my daily actions which is very much needed. Great customer service also - responds very quickly and courteously. Thank you Tiana!
Sue F.
I'm so grateful for my Freedom Planner! It gives me contact management, checklists, a wealth of handy resources, templates and motivational quotes to keep me focused on my goals. I especially love the 1-1 support from Tiana. She's always available to answer questions, share helpful tools and provide valuable training relevant to my business. The support found in The Freedom Planner Community is a warm, juicy bonus!
Sharee M
I absolutely LOVE my Freedom Planner. I am able to keep track of my business and personal goals and appointments all in one place. Thank you Tiana for making my life easier!!!!
Cheryl Kasper
Thank you Tiana for all of your help and encouragement. Your Freedom Planner is a Fantastic product!. Thanks for the training.....8))
Kitty L.
So much easier to use than all the colour coded things I had previously been using on my i-calendar! I don't feel overwhelmed anymore, and I love that it included health in there. I am actually far more conscious now of what I am eating and I am exercising more! My internet connection is super slow, but I can post my 6 posts a day on Facebok and tick them off in my Freedom Planner, as I go about my day. So now, I don't sit at my computer all day anymore. it really does what it says on the pack! FREEDOM! Thank you Tiana. xxx
Nicki Shira B.
Tiana is an amazing soul who gives of herself and her gifts graciously! I highly recommend her as a coach. I'm so glad I said YES! to the invitation!!
Tina N.
I have been using the Freedom Planner for a little over 3 months, and have been blown away by how easy it is to stay on track now! It allows me to plan out my day and get all of the steps accomplished that are necessary for growing my business. I would recommend using the Freedom Planner to anyone that is serious about taking their business (and life!) to the next level. Thank you for such an incredible tool!
Erika H.
Keeping a schedule is like wearing two left shoes for me but the Freedom Planner makes the scary, VERY easy to conquer. I have big goals for my business and family and the Freedom Planner system keeps me focused on the daily steps to achieving my dreams. I’m forever grateful to have a planner that I can get as detailed as I need to or as open with time blocking when need as well. Being able to track my progress all in the same place is invaluable for making adjustments to my progress. It’s a fabulous system that I recommend to all of my teammates! THANK YOU!!
Stephanie S.
I have used the preliminary downloads for the Freedom Planner and I have found increased focus on my most important “to dos”. It’s helping me organize all the thoughts and dreams that tend to just swirl around in my head and making it more realistic to accomplish. I’m so excited to use the final, fancy version! Thanks so much!
Kelly F