Why The Freedom PLANNER

Hi! I’m Tiana- Owner, Designer and Creator of the Freedom Planner! I am SO excited to get to share this incredible life changing gift with you!

These are your Daily Pages. Every Day gets it’s own page. Fill your Day with Appointments, Notes, Goals and then of course our Daily Checklists we already have written out for you. New Leads, Follow Ups, Wellness, Gratitude and Self Development. We help you stay on track to lead a balanced and organized life.

These are your Weekly Pages. The page on the right “Freedom Tracker” focuses on true accountability for all your activity during the week. How many calls did you ACTUALLY make? How many messages, follow ups, etc. It’s all about accountability.

The page on the right is your Weekly Goal Setting page that you fill out every week at the beginning of your week. You will set your intentions, people you want to help as well as each week has different resources for you to check out for your Reading, Podcasts and Inspirational Quotes.

Every week also has it’s own Contact List Page. This is where you put in all the new leads you’re collecting each day. This allows you to keep track of new leads from each week. You put in the person’s name, email, social media info and any notes you took. You can also * and Highlight people who you want to follow up with the next week! Otherwise, it’s still a great resource when you’re blitzing or looking to grow your business fast you can go through each week’s contacts and give people a call and stay in touch easily.

Take your Freedom Planner with you everywhere you go! To the beach, to the office, at home in bed, wherever! It’s a great journal size and WANTS to be with you!

We’re proud to offer Freedom Planners to the entire WORLD! We ship anywhere! Just put your Country in at check-out and shipping is automated! We’ve kept it affordable because we want YOU to have your planner and change your business and life for GOOD! Have more fun and make more money in life and business with your Freedom Planner!